About this project

Stef and Elizabth

Cryptographics is a two-day hack collaboration between designer-technologist Stef Lewandowski and contemporary artist Elizabeth Barile-Page.

It is one of the 25 hacks that were developed over a weekend at the Digital Sizzle Arthackathon 2013 held at South Place Hotel.

The brief was to use data in the creation of an artwork – to create work of both technical and artistic merit. Using private information and intimate secrets Cryptographics brought together encryption technology with craft, design and the hand made. The result is a series of objects all made for displaying sensitive information in public.

But why?

There's a growing interest in security of information, and privacy around personal data. Heightened by the recent revelations about governmental access and legal processes around what we assume is for our eyes only.

By encoding information into a physical object, you take it offline. You have more control of the information it contains. You can also use it in interesting ways - perhaps a treasure hunt involving encrypted images placed in different locations, a message to future generations encoded in an object, for sending information offline to someone, or just making a statement about how passwords and security are now a part of everyday life.

As an example, say you encode your 1Password master password, a password which unlocks all of your other passwords, into a graphic and turn it into a poster that you hang in your home or office. It would look like a print from IKEA, but the password that you use to encrypt that graphic could be left in a will for your family.

You wouldn't leave your actual master password with your lawyer in case they were hacked. Cryptographics adds an additional level of complexity. It requires a two-factor authentication - the object and the password – to reveal the hidden information. Allowing the safe access to your digital estate.

There are many other practical uses for this system. Check this site again for updates of new applications and ideas. And if you have any, please get in touch