Hide information inside a graphic

Encrypt a secret with a password, and turn it into a graphic so that you can hide the secret in plain sight. Only someone with the password can then decode it.

Currently exhibiting as part of Hack The Barbican, London, until the end of August.

Design your own cryptographic

Create a cryptographic like this

This is the phrase 'cryptographs.io' encoded without a password

How it works

Encrypt a secret

Take any piece of text you want, and encrypt it with a password of your choice.

Turn it into a graphic

Using our cryptographic design tool, the encrypted secret is turned into a graphic.

Turn that into an object

Download the graphic as an SVG file and turn it into a t-shirt, an art object, or whatever you can imagine.

Cryptographic objects we've made

Print out the images you make with this tool and put them on the wall of your home, laser-cut them, send access credentials using a postcard, wear your credit card details on a t-shirt and dare your friends to crack them, there's lots that you can do with this. You could turn a secret into anything you want, such as…

A crypto-quilt

A cryptographic quilt

A laser-cut art object

A cryptographic art object

A secret t-shirt

A cryptographic tshirt